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Des questions sur la migration ? Quelques réponses en anglais !

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Des questions sur la migration ? Quelques réponses en anglais !

Message par Anyssa le Jeu 12 Mai - 16:01

Source : Les Furets du Gondor

It has been a couple weeks since the announcement of the Turbine Global Service coming starting June 1st. Folks most affected by this are our friends currently on Codemasters servers and are wondering how all this will play out.

While we don’t have a detailed plan of what will happen starting June 1st at this time, we do have some questions and concerns being addressed by Sapience over on the Codemasters forums. I thought it may be helpful to list out what is known so far.

This will cover extra items not already answered in the FAQs Turbine has posted. Hopefully you’ve already read those! I also will not be covering Role-play (RP) server questions or the questions on the LOTRO Client as we’ve already discussed Turbine’s plans for those.

All quotes below are from Sapience of Turbine and come from the massive thread titled “Transition Questions and Queries” in case you wish to read through it yourself.

Accounts and Payment

I have 1 Turbine Account and 2 Codemasters Accounts. After the merge, I will have 3 accounts? Or 1 account with 3 different subscriptions? Will I have conflicts with e-mail addresses / payment options since account A and B share those?

Your two EU accounts will be transitioned into two new Turbine accounts. So you’ll end up with 3 accounts total, the same as you do now. Your Lifetime status will remain unchanged on your two EU accounts as well. I don’t believe your payment options will be an issue as we have a number of players who currently have multiple accounts and use the same credit card for all of them. [source]

There won’t be any problems with using the same email address on both accounts. [source]

We have many kin members that have lifetime accounts but haven’t logged in for a while, if they miss this window will they lose their account?

I don’t have the exact windows during which the transfer can be done, however I believe it is in terms of months, not days or weeks. As we get closer to the June 1 date I’ll try and get a better answer for you. [source]

I have a US FTP account that I have used in the past to post on Turbines forums, I know you don’t allow the posting from 2 separate accounts, will I be able to disable my US F2P account so that I can post on my more active subbed account?

After the transition we’ll be able to work out issues like this on a case by case basis. Send me a PM on the official forums after June 1 and we can work it out. But the short answer is yes. We do this for our current players who have multiple accounts. [source]

Will we be using US charges, or will there be a special surcharge (Up to what we pay now) for European customers?

I really can’t answer this as I don’t know, but once I do I’ll let you know. [source]

Servers and Downtime

Can you tell us EXACT location of servers in USA, east/midd/west od the USA?

The exact location of the servers will be here in the Boston, MA area. [source]

Maintenance in the US is usually done Monday lunchtime – mid-afternoon UK time.. Would be a bit of a nuisance.

As far as I am aware, the maintenance times will not change. The reason we preform maintenance at the times we do is because it allows us to have a full staff and full access to our third party partners (hardware and software vendors, etc) in the event that something unexpected happens. This is fairly standard across the industry. [source]

Note from Goldenstar: Turbine’s maintenance is typically only done right before and right after a launch of a new update. We do not have a scheduled weekly maintenance day like Codemasters currently does on Thursdays.

I’ll like to know, or have an ETA on knowing, more of the technical ins and outs of how this whole transfer is going to happen for us as individuals.

As soon as I have information I’ll post it. In fact, as soon as the information is available it will be added to the FAQ. When we created the FAQ it was to hit the “big picture” question, and drill down later after we had had a long period of testing to confirm that the planned and expected behavior of system is in fact what’s happening. We’re aware that this is a very big event and that mistakes can be costly. This is why we’re actually doing a number of ‘dry runs’ as part of our testing. [source]

What are the future plans for the servers ? Is there a chance that the smaller EU and US servers will be merged to make 1 bigger server?

We currently have no plans to merge servers nor any time-line for when we’d even consider such an action. [source]

Is there a minimum time we will be offline for come June 1st?

We don’t have estimates that I can share at the moment. Our tech guys are still doing trial runs and sample ‘moves’ to get as accurate a picture of that as possible. Obviously we can’t do any real transfers until the servers themselves are shut down (to prevent any data being generated during the move). So there will be downtime, but the exact length of that downtime is something I don’t have an answer for. [source]

Is it possible to switch servers during the transition??? I have 4 characters on Gilrain and 1 on Snowbourn and i would like to get them all on the same server

No. Everything will be moved as is, where is. [source]


Will kinships be transferred, with their current rank? And what happens to the kin house while the leader is still in transition?

Think of the transition as being a box of stuff you own. We’re moving the box. When it gets where it’s going everything will still be in the box. So Kinships, ranks, friend’s lists, special items, etc. will all be exactly where you left them when the box got packed up and moved. [source]

Questions on the Turbine Service

Are Turbine laying on extra staff (GM’s) for us lot?

yes. We’ll be adding French and German speaking GMs and Customer Service staff as well as forum moderators, too. [source]

Can we apply to the Palantir Private Preview Program once we merge?

yes. However, as the team and the staff who run our private test server are strictly English speaking, you should be aware that it’s unlikely to be offered in anything but English. [source]

Does the Turbine account system allow special characters, such as #¤%&/(), to be used in passwords?[/b

Note from Goldenstar: Sapience’s response was that he was going to have to check but I can tell you that yes, special characters are allowed in Turbine passwords.

[b]My concern, is that the English servers will be “Americanised”, i.e. that the US spelling of words will become the norm. For example, on EU servers, in-game the protective clothing our characters wear is called “Armour”, not “Armor”.

The US servers already use the English spellings not the American spellings. So color is Colour, Armor is Armour, etc. [source]


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